Diary of a Special Needs Mum is a story told by a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at eight months. Bukola and her husband Olumuyiwa were informed by their doctors to prepare for the worst.

The writer, Bukola shares her experience, holding nothing back. It is the story of a mother’s desire to give her child a chance to live a normal life. She writes about her challenges, her fears, her struggles and sheer determination to overcome all setbacks.

She also narrates her daughter’s traumatic experience of physical and emotional abuse by her physiotherapist.

Do you have a special needs child, or you know any family who does? Do you worry about your children or you have struggles in your own life that you feel no one understands? Have you lost faith in God? Then this book is for you. Join Bukola as she takes you on a journey from despair to hope, anger to forgiveness, living in denial to thanksgiving, frustration to finding peace.