We Advocate for people
living with Disabilities

The foundation intends to train and counsel families of children with cerebral palsy and work with government to provide better education and healthcare for children with disabilities.

We educate people who do
not have children with disabilities about people living with disabilities.

We do this through different platforms such as: fun programs for kids, publishing storybooks, novels; promoting reading clubs in schools, writing articles in the media, radio shows, documentaries, stage plays; trainings & seminars and having meaningful conversations with all stakeholders.

Our Initiatives

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Cerebral Palsy


30 days in Hungary​

Three years ago, I read a book written by a mum who has a son with cerebral palsy. She wrote about her experience as a mother and about her son who couldn’t walk initially but eventually walked. In her book, she wrote that she travelled to Hungary with her son so he could attend Peto Institute.

Books By Bukola

Peter is Different

My name is Nimi

My sister is Special


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