We create awareness about people living with disabilities by sharing the right information about disabilities and people living with disabilities.

This is done through

  1. Reading sessions in schools
  2. Using different platforms such as Art class, Essay & Think Tank Competitions to promote disability inclusion among students
  3. Engaging school management on disability awareness and inclusion
  4. Speaking at religious centers on disability awareness
  5. Creating documentaries on stories of people living with disabilities
  6. Media publication, TV & radio presentations

We counsel parents who have children with special needs. We direct them to government hospitals to get the right diagnosis for their children. We also encourage them (based on the diagnosis) to seek for therapy for their children.

There are many mothers who go through depression because of their child’s diagnosis. We also encourage these mothers to overcome depression, take good care of themselves and give their children the best care they can afford.

A lot of mothers are unable to work outside the home because of caring for their disabled children. On the other hand, caring for a child living with disability is very expensive in Africa especially Nigeria. To this regard, we train mothers in basic skill acquisition and also business skills so that they can in turn make an income to care for their families. We also mentor women so as to have a guide in living successful lives.

Yearly, we organise a conference for mothers titled, Exhale. It’s a time for mothers to relax and get inspired to fulfil their dreams.

  1. Career and Entrepreneurship training for adults living with disabilities
  2. Religious Leaders on how to create inclusive centers
  3. School Management on creating inclusive education
  4. Government officers and ministries on creating inclusive communities

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