Diary of a Special Needs Mum Initiative under P4:13 Foundation was founded by the mother of a special needs child living in Nigeria. Her desire was to give her daughter the best in healthcare and education so that the girl could have a chance to live a normal life.

In pursuit of this dream for her daughter, the mother soon realized that the developmental therapies and educational facilities available in Nigeria were a far cry from what her daughter required to have a chance to succeed in life. She also discovered that there is so much ignorance in the Nigerian society about children with disabilities. The abuse of children with disabilities and stigmatization of their families are common occurrences. A lot of schools do not accept children with disabilities while the schools that accept them do not have the knowledge or capacity to take proper care of these children.

Relocating from Nigeria seemed like a better option for this special needs mum. However, her desire to have her entire family living together under the same roof made her think outside the box. She decided to put together structures that worked for her entire family. She was also determined to live a fulfilled life and accomplish her dreams. She soon realized that there were a lot of families in similar situations looking for help and support with very little knowledge of how to find them.

She then decided to share her experience with other mothers and be a voice for one of the most venerable set of people in our society: children living with disabilities.