Books by Bukola

Naked and Not Ashamed

Peter is Different

Ten year old Jude has a new classmate called Peter who looks different from everyone else. Peter is an eleven year old boy who has a disability. The Parents’ Association at Maple Preparation School have to decide whether the boy is fit to be in the same school with their children. Peter is determined to go to school and the school principal is caught in-between the warring parties.

Will Jude and his friends accept Peter?

Will the parents allow Peter to remain in Maple Preparatory School?

Will Peter give up on his dream of going to school?

On whose side will the principal of Maple Preparatory School lean?

Find out the answers to these questions as the story unravels…..

My name is Nimi

Nimi is a happy girl. She loves to make friends.  

Nimi also uses a wheelchair because she has cerebral palsy.

She wants her friends to be comfortable around her. She doesn’t want them to think she is strange.

In this exciting book, Nimi tells us things we do not know about her life.

This story teaches children to show love and empathy to other children who are living with disabilities.

My sister is Special

Lara, a soon to be teenager, has a sister, Lola, who needs a lot of care and attention. Lara feels that her parents do not love her as much as they love Lola. Lara is unhappy about her life. She wants to leave home and stay with her grandma.

Her encounter with her grandma and a girl in an orphanage changes her life forever.

This book tells the story of a young girl struggling to accept the uniqueness of her family needs.

It promises to be thought-provoking and engaging. It will leave you with a grateful heart.

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